Rishikesh: “Red Fort” school running on the lines of Sainik School, day boarding will start from April, where the student becomes job provider rather than job seeker

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Manoj Rautela Reports:
Rishikesh: Nohthng like Sainik Schools have to other schools in the counter as far as discipline is concerned. But it is said that if a person thinks of doing something like that and doing accordingly and  if the vision is good and if he is engaged with honesty, then that will be possible. And that has been done by “Red Fort International School” in Rishikesh.

This school has kept its format largely on the lines of Sainik School. Now he is living up to the same criteria. Where the student does not just go to get education but comes out with ‘discipline’ after becoming something. Which comes in handy on his life. The one who does not know himself ready to get a job, but stands in front of the world with confidence as a job provider. The name of the same school is “Red Fort International School” located on the banks of the Ganges. On Sunday, a press conference was organized at the ‘Red Fort International Public School’ located in the displaced Nirmal Block B. In which all the new arrangements being implemented by the school in the coming academic year 2023-24 were presented before the journalists.

Some of the main points of the press conference were as follows: –

1. In the coming academic year, the school from class 5 to class 12 will be run on day boarding mode, in which extra classes will be given to the children in the school itself, so that parents can save the extra cost of tuition.

2. Every Saturday in a week, according to the co-curricular activity clubs formed according to the interest of the students, a bagless day will be done, in which their intellectual level prepared by training students on creative and co-curricular activities other than education will be increased. .

3. To create a good personality full of patriotism for the country and society as well as to provide a responsible citizen to the society will be the main objective of the school.

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4. The school will provide free reading materials and elementary education to the children of economically helpless and weaker sections of families under the school of need.

5. Special training will be given by the school to the students in sports and other activities, in which mainly shooting, karate from the point of view of physical security and yoga will be done compulsorily for the overall development of the body.

6. Along with mother tongue, knowledge of business language and other languages will be made prominent in English, French and other languages by giving training to the students by the experts of the said language.

7. Through debate, speech, students will be prepared to present their views on all the economic, political and other activities happening in the country and abroad.

8. Under the new education policy, NCERT books and new syllabus will be smoothly implemented in the school.

9. According to the new education policy, special attention will also be paid to skill-based education, in which students will be made to study on the skill subject selected by them.

10. Hostel facility will also be provided by the school to the students from remote areas and other countries who want to study in the school in the coming academic year.

On this occasion, Dr. Shurveer Singh Bisht, Chairman of the school, Vishal Sharma, Principal of the school, Academic Head Devendra Bisht, Coordinator Amit Gandhi, and Yashwant Chauhan, Rajendra Prasad Raturi etc. were present.

The Chairman of the the school is the real Mentor of the school-
The chairman of this school is Dr. Shoorveer Singh Bisht. He is a retired army man. That’s why the discipline in the school is full of code. There is no doubt that patriotism is in their colors. Bisht told that in our place the child does not say Namaste or good morning or good evening, but says JAI HIND, whenever he meets you, he will greet you like this. Second, here they are not called students, but cadets. As it is said in Sainik School. Bisht told that our aim is that the child of our place should emerge from here tomorrow becoming something. We prepare him so that he does not become a job seeker but a job provider. Bisht told that we do not want more students, but those who come should get quality education and with discipline, we will be happy. We are working in that direction. Fees are also normal here. We take the child’s written test, know about the parents and choose the child whether he will be able to follow the format of our school or not.

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The principal of the school is young and passed out from Sainik School. His name is Vishal Sharma. What else has to be done with the vision is Vishal Sharma, the person who drives that goal. He said that when I met the Chairman Sir, I was very impressed. There are people like this in the society. Those who are trying to give their best. My motto is also to keep teaching and be known as a teacher. The school has excellent five staff facilities. It is a luxurious five storey hostel. Day boarding will start in the month of April. This means there will be a holiday at four o’clock.  The child will not need to go for tuition. We are preparing it accordingly.

Shooting Range-
The school has its own shooting range inside. in the third floor. Where many events have been organized. School children practice in this, the child who does well in shooting is also encouraged as a player. Along with this, 16 clubs have been formed in the name of the brave soldiers of the country. Under which children do sports and other activities and learn. If seen, Red Fort International School is an educational institution in Rishikesh, Dehradun, along with a different kind of education, which prepares the child as an excellent citizen who becomes a patriot as well as a job-giving leader.


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