Delhi: In the House Dr. Naresh Bansal raised the issue of landslides, accidents and crash barriers on the hilly national highways of Uttarakhand

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New Delhi: Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, in his reply, assured that the responsibility for ten years will be of the construction and design agency and the contractor, and complete treatment will be done keeping in mind the structure of the Himalayas by using foreign technologies. .

BJP National Co-Treasurer and Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Naresh Bansal raised in the House the issue of rail accidents occurring on national highways, especially in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand and the loss of life and property due to it. Dr. Naresh Bansal spoke about the public interest related to Uttarakhand. Issues keep being raised in the House through different mediums. In this sequence, he raised this serious issue in a starred question. In his question to the Road and Transport Minister in the House, Bansal asked for data on how many deaths and how many people were injured across the country including Uttarakhand due to human error and natural disaster and whether such black points have been marked on the national highways in the country including Uttarakhand which prevent accidents. Are sensitive in this regard. What is the government doing to prevent road accidents? MP Bansal asked in a supplementary question, what steps is the government taking to make the vehicles of international standard and strengthen them? Dr. Naresh Bansal asked whether the black point of debris coming on the national highway of Uttarakhand is marked. What is being done for their treatment? Crash barriers have been installed on how many highways and how many are yet to be installed and when will they be installed?

In response to these questions, Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari gave the details of the accidents of the last three years and in his reply said that the government is committed to the safety of the citizens traveling on the national highways across the country including Uttarakhand and from time to time the citizens are informed about this. The work is done to create awareness through Road Safety Week. Now the Ministry has prepared a road safety policy based on education, engineering, enforcement and emergency care. 5803 are identified across the country and 49 in Uttarakhand. Out of which work has been done on 42 and some are still pending.

In his reply, the Minister said that the Central and State Governments are also concerned about the accidents and damages caused on the National Highways due to heavy rains and natural disasters in Uttarakhand and are considering it more seriously. The government has decided that it is preparing to deal with this problem comprehensively by using international standards and technology. The government is now considering fixing the responsibility of the construction company for ten years. Which will be done soon. The design given will also be on international standards and their responsibility will also be fixed for ten years.

Minister Nitin Gadkari said that till now a fund of Rs 726 crore has been released to Uttarakhand for landslide zone maintenance. Construction of road till China border and prevention of landslides and debris from the mountain using world class technologies and speedy construction of crash barrier. Will be on all national highways. Special concern is being given to Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts. , Union Minister Nitin Gadkari assured that soon this problem will be tackled and stopped using the best technologies from India and abroad.


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