Wander Sky’s 10 Biker’s Tour starts for Char Dham Yatra 2024 from Rishikesh

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  • The valleys of Uttarakhand echoed with the sound of 10 bikers.All the bikers are from different states, two women and a girl are also included in the tour.
  • Will visit all the four Dhams and then return to Rishikesh “Wander Sky” #Wander Sky (The Traveller’s Space)
  • Saurabh Kanu is leading the tour..He himself is traveling on Royal Enfield Meteor 350 from the Royal Enfield family.

Rishikesh: (Manoj Rautela) Bikers now have their own passion, hobby and goal. Which we can call part of adventure tourism. 10 bikers have set out from Rishikesh for Char Dham Yatra. For Char Dham Yatra. This is the first bikers trip. The mountains of Garhwal were echoing with the roar of bikers coming from different states of the country. All are riding in Royal Enfield.

There are two women also in the journey. There is also a small girl who is traveling with her parents. It seems as if the mountains are making them feel “that we have come…to scale the mountains and have the darshan of God.” Because Devbhoomi brings you face to face with God, this is the first bike journey of Uttarakhand in 2024. The credit for this goes to “Wander Sky” located at Kailash Gate. This is a company that not only takes care of its customers but also starts new campaigns. That is why people associated with adventure tourism come running to the office of “Wander Sky”. The journey for Char Dham Yatra started from Saturday. This is a 12 day tour. Some of them are from Bangalore, some from Gujarat, some from Delhi and other states. Let us tell you, Wonder Sky is also the official partner of Royal Fields. This yatra will return to Rishikesh after passing through Shri Gangotri, Shri Yamunotri, Shri Kedarnath and Shri Badrinath. All the bikers have come to Uttarakhand for the first time and are going for Chardham Yatra. Everyone says that we have come to discover something new. We have come to have darshan of God but apart from this there is a lot to explore in the mountains. There can be no better place than Devbhoomi. We are thankful to “Wander Sky” for giving us this opportunity. We would like to come here again. The leader of this tour, Saurabh Kanu, who is also a tour operator, says, we want whoever comes to our place to leave happy. He should not feel that he came in vain. They should enjoy fully, remember God and achieve their goals. Because in Devbhoomi you also get connected with spirituality. Which is very important nowadays. Secondly, saving and preserving the environment is also the aim. It is important to spread public awareness. The environment will be saved and our lives will be saved. The names of those who have gone on the bike tour are Saurabh Kanu (Tour Leader and Tour Operator), Chintan Mehta, Dushyant Lohani, Ishwar Rajaram, Mayank Jain, Sonu M Patil, Sarang Bedekar, Shiraz Aman, Sharad Wali, Ruchi Chhapkar, Preeti Chintan. , Shubham Goyal. All of them are residents of different states. Among these, a couple has gone with their daughter Vani. A female biker has also come from Bangalore. Whose name is Ruchi.


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