Varanasi : Alia Bhatt and Ranbir reached Lalitaghat via the Ganges and reached Vishwanath Dham from Gangadwar for their upcoming film shoot

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Varanasi : The golden grand court of Shri Kashipuradhipati will be seen on the big screen for the first time. Film actress Alia Bhatt and actor Ranbir Kapoor will be seen performing darshan of Baba Vishwanath to the audience. On Thursday afternoon, when lights, cameras and action reverberated in Baba’s dham, there was a crowd of devotees.

On Thursday afternoon, Alia and Ranbir reached Lalitaghat via the Ganges and reached Vishwanath Dham from Gangadwar. After worshiping Baba, the unit of the film shot the film at several places in the Dham area. Earlier in the morning the entire film unit reached Chet Singh Ghat. The entire Ghat was decorated with garlands and flowers for the shooting of the song.

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Junior artists were also present at the ghat in the form of saffron-clad monks and saints. The shooting started with the arrival of Alia and Ranbir which continued till 12 noon. In the scene, both the actors were seen having a lot of fun with each other. After the shooting was over here, Alia and Ranbir took rest for a while and boarded the boat and left for Shrikashi Vishwanath Dham where the set was already ready.

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While shooting the scene of Baba’s Abhishek, the general audience was stopped for a while. However, during this time he got a chance to shoot the film and see the film stars. After shooting for about two hours, the film unit packed up with Alia and Ranbir and left.


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