USA : Indian Hotel Businessman of Udaipur Murdered in US, Beaten to Death by Miscreants, One Arrested 

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USA / Udaipur :Indian Hotel Businessman of Udaipur in Rajasthan has been beaten to death in America. Deceased Banshilal Shahu was living with daughter and son-in-law in America.

He has Kaka Palace Hotel in Udaipur in Rajasthan. He wanted to settle abroad now. At the same time, after the incident, an accused has been caught by the local police.  It is being told that the miscreants who entered the house with the intention of robbery beat him to death. While investigating the matter, the local police arrested one of the accused. According to the information, Neelu, a daughter of Banshilal Sahu of the city, lives with her husband in Madford, Oregon State, and Neelu’s hotel is there. Behind this hotel is the house of Banshilal Sahu’s daughter also.

On Friday, some miscreants entered his house with the intention of robbing. They tried to stop Banshilal, a resident of Shastri Circle area, had a shop in Udaipur Mandi and now he owns Kaka Palace Hotel in Udaipur.

Banshilal was heart partient and he was thrashed fiercely by miscreants, due to which he was seriously injured. who died. According to the information, Banshilal went to Madford with his wife on 28 February. He was staying behind his daughter Neelu Sahu’s hotel. One of his sons lives in Udaipur. Banshilal wanted to settle in America. He had also applied for a green card, but before that he died in this incident. After this incident, the local police took immediate action and arrested a miscreant.

The search is on for another. Banshilal’s body is kept in the mortuary of the hospital in Madford. The body will be handed over to their relatives after conducting post-mortem on Monday. At the same time, businessmen in Udaipur have expressed grief over his death.

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