Surat: A brain dead laborer gave life to 6 people, the beating heart reached 1610 km. in 221 minutes

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Surat: This is an example of how much progress has been made by science in the medical field. splendid work. How did the human being saved !Now many people are coming forward for organ donation in the country. Many people are getting a new life because of organ donation. In Gujarat, 6 people have got a new life from the organ donation of a person. After the organ donation of a person working in a factory from Surat, it has got a new identity. A single beating heart was transported from Surat  city in Gujarat to Chennai in just 221 minutes. In such a situation, a brain dead person in Surat has done the work of giving new life to 6 people.

Watch This Video of Nilesh Mandlewala (Founder – Donate Life, Surat), What he said-

The distance of 1610 km. covered in 221 minutes-
To carry a beating heart in Gujarat, the distance of 1610 km from Bankers Hospital to MGM Hospital in Chennai has been covered in just 221 minutes. 6 people in different parts of the country have a new life through organ donation of a brained person. Got it. Even though the person died, his organs are alive in the body of many people.

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The man used to work in a factory in Surat-
Originally from Orissa, Sushil Shahu used to work as a laborer in a looms factory in Sayan area of ​​Surat. On 26 January, Sushil’s blade pressure increased, due to which he became unconscious. Seeing Sushil’s condition, the family took him to the Bankers Hospital in Surat for treatment. Where the doctors declared him brain dead after a jaunt examination.

Donate Life serves on organ donation-
Sushil’s brain-dead came to know about Donate Life, a Surat-based organization working for organ donation. The people of the organization reached Bankers Hospital and talked to Sushil’s family for organ donation. After persuasion by the donation organization, Sushil’s family agreed to donate organs.

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Heart transplanted in a 47-year-old man from Chennai-
After this, a green corridor was made to take Sushil Shahu’s heart from Bankers Hospital in Surat to MGM Hospital in Chennai. The heart of a brain-dead man Sushil was transplanted into the body of a 47-year-old man from Chennai through a special aircraft.

Till now, 996 organs including 418 kidney, 178 liver, 8 pancreas, 40 heart, 26 lungs, 4 hands and 322 eyes have been given new life and new vision to 909 people by Donate Life organization from South Gujarat including Surat. Patients come here not only from the country but also from abroad. It is working to save lives of people through such treatment.


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