Spain: Swami Shankar Tilak Maharaj and Ravi Prapancharya Maharaj delivered sermons in the Human Unity Conference, gave the message of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” to the devotees 

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Spain/Rishikesh: While participating in the Nav Ekta Conference on Monday at  International Geeta Ashram in Madrid city of Spain, Swami Shankar Tilak Maharaj, Founder President of Vedic Foundation Dharmalaya Ashram and Mahant Ravi Prapannacharya Maharaj of Tulsi Manas Mandir located in Rishikesh, addressed all the people about human welfare. Linked to this he talked about Vasudev Kutumbkam. Mahant Ravi Prapannacharya Maharaj from Rishikesh has gone to Spain. He has gone on his two-month spiritual tour. Ravi Prapannacharya Maharaj is the Mahant of Tulsi Manas Temple in rishikesh, India.

Maharaj  Ji said that the work being done for the welfare of all the people of India and Europe through spiritual awakening of people is called human unity. When we all sections of caste and sect come together and talk about the welfare of mankind. During the Human Unity Conference, spiritual seekers and many delegates from all corners of the world gathered. Which focused on the theme of how human unity can be experienced through spirituality. Addressing the devotees present at the conference, Maharaj spoke about realizing the purpose of one’s life through the practice of meditation. Told, this human body is a golden opportunity. In which we can know ourselves. One can experience God the Father after finding Him. So that we can achieve the main objective of our life, which is to attain the Supreme Father – God, in this very life. On this occasion, Shankari Chaitanya, Swatantrata Chaitanya, Ramdoot, Deepanjali Chaitanya, Fabiani, President Geeta Ashram, Shubra Sharma, Secretary of Indian Embassy, Allk Sharma, Temple Manager, Ranu, Poonam Kumar and hundreds of devotees were present.


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