Shimla:  Day 2 of National Ice Hockey Championship: Ladakh beat Telangana 18-0, Himachal-Chandigarh match ended in draw

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Shimla/Kullu/Manali: Three matches were organized on the second day of the 9th Women’s National Ice Hockey Championship 2022. The first match in the morning was played between Delhi and ITBP team. In this match of three sections, Delhi won by 1-0.

The same second match was played between Ladakh and Telangana. In which Ladakh scored 18 goals while Telangana team could not score a single goal. Ladakh won the match. The same last match was played in the team of Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. This match was very exciting. In the first section, Chandigarh took the lead by scoring a goal. After this, both tried to score in the second section but could not score. Then in the final section, Himachal Pradesh team scored a goal in the last five minutes to end the match on a level playing field.

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ADM Mohan Dutt Sharma said that three matches were organized. A lot of exciting games were seen in all three martches. Every team tries every moment to win. The spectators are enjoying the matches a lot. The event is being organized according to the Covid rules.


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