Saharanpur :  Behat based Medical Student Trapped in ‘Ukraine’, family members are worried, appeal to Prime Minister Modi Please help

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Saharanpur: The war between Russia and Ukraine has started. In such a situation, the Indian students who are trapped there,Infact they are safe but war is going on so cant say what is going to happen next no body knows ?  a youth of a village in the tehsil area is living in Ukraine and studying medical. His family has started to worry about the news of war between Ukraine and Russia. The family members of the youth have demanded through the media from the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister to call the youth safely.

According to the news received, Kashif, son of Sagir, a resident of village Tajpura in Behat tehsil, is studying MBBS from Ukraine’s Dnipro State Medical College, as soon as the news of conflict between Ukraine and Russia started coming, Kashif’s family members started worrying about him. His family is taking the news every moment. Kashif’s father says that his exams are in the month of March and this is his final year. That’s why he will come only after the examination, but as the news of the worsening of the situation is being received, the worries are increasing. Kashif’s uncle Dr. Kamil says that till the child does not come back, he is worried. When I spoke to Suleman Pradhan, he told that every moment news is being received from Kashif on mobile, he says that there is no danger in the place where he is, but till the time he does not return safely, the family should worry about him. Will keep haunting Kashif’s father Sagir, uncle Arshad, Pradhan Suleiman and Dr. Kamil have requested the central government through media for the safe return of youths studying in Ukraine and have also prayed for peace in the world.


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