Rishikesh: Youth-20 consultation started in AIIMS,  various delegates from the country and the world reached at the conference

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Rishikesh: (Manoj Rautela) Youth-20 consultation started on Thursday in AIIMS Rishikesh. In this two-day long Y-20 conference, various delegates from the country and the world will brainstorm ideas and provide a new direction to the youth. During the Holistic Health Conclave program on the first day of the summit, distinguished persons from various fields presented their views. Youth representatives from various districts of Uttarakhand including representatives from the country and abroad participated in the conclave. Earlier, delegates from India and abroad participated in this session by practicing yoga.

During this, ways to counter the challenges coming in the way of building a holistic technology-based healthcare eco-system in the country were discussed.Inaugurating the summit, Prof. Meenu Singh, Executive Director, AIIMS Rishikesh said that this summit has provided an opportunity to the youth of the country and the world to strengthen themselves in the health sector. With this, the youth will get the experience of holistic health. Along with this, you will also get an opportunity to exchange your views. He welcomed the participants from various states across the country including Japan, Germany, Singapore, UK and USA and told the vision of the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi to organize Youth-20 Summit under G-20 and it will be a pride for the countrymen. Told about

Chief Guest State Women Welfare, Child Development and Youth and Sports Minister Rekha Arya said that the spirit of India’s Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam will be fruitful at the global level with this summit. He said that India’s population is 16 percent at the global level. Inspiring the youth, he called upon them to increase their concentration towards sports by continuous practice of Yoga. So that the youth of the country can contribute in the development of the country by becoming strong in every field. Swami Dayadipanand Maharaj, Medical Superintendent of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Haridwar told the youth of the world the need to be healthy not only physically but also mentally. Giving examples, he told 4 pillars important for life. Said to adopt the principles of right knowledge, right thinking, right lifestyle and proper eating habits in life. Said that this method is the main mantra to keep life healthy. He also threw light on Ashtanga Yoga and Practical Vedanta.

Swami Chidanand Maharaj, President of Parmarth Niketan advised the youth to avoid junk food and talked about adopting the simple principle of Eat Right, Eat Light. He said that the youth of that country have the maximum contribution in the development of any country. That’s why it is necessary that instead of medication, he should pay more attention to meditation.

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Describing the youth as the source of energy, Director Youth and Sports Department, Uttarakhand, Jitendra Kumar said that if the youth group concentrates its full power, it can make the impossible possible.The session was moderated by Dr. Oshin Puri, Intern, AIIMS Rishikesh.

In the second session, a debate was organized between the young students of AIIMS Rishikesh and Veer Singh Garhwali Medical College Srinagar Garhwal on the topic of Modern Medicine and Alternative Medicine and Yoga. In which both the sides discussed in depth on modern and alternative medicine. It was concluded that both methods of treatment are useful in their own form and using both of them will give more benefits. Mr. Kiyohiro Yamamoto, CEO of Edgeville Corporation, Japan, spoke to the youth on the health impact of indoor environment. Said that more than 90 percent of every person’s time is spent inside his house. For this reason, it is very important to have a healthy environment inside the house. Under which it is necessary to have sufficient light, clean air, balanced temperature in the house. This environment determines the health of the people living in that house. Due to the side effects of the bad environment inside the house, the person becomes ill. Therefore, smart building technology should be used in residential complexes.

In the summit, National Medical Council President Prof. BN Gangadhar, former Director of PGIEMR Chandigarh Prof. KK Talwar, Director of AIIMS Mangalagiri Prof. Mukesh Tripathi, Deputy Director Administration AIIMS Lt. Col. AR Mukherjee, Dean Academics Prof. Jaya Chaturvedi, Medical Superintendent Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Mittal and other institutes. Other members including faculty members of various departments were present.

In other programs-
1-The two-day Youth 20 consultation event formally started on Thursday at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Under which a yoga session was organized in the morning session, in which yoga experts made the participants/seekers practice various yoga activities. In the first session on Thursday at the AIIMS Auditorium, the participants were introduced to various forms of yoga. About 50 domestic and foreign participants took part in the yoga session. On this occasion, Yoga connoisseur from Finland Madam Heidi gave a message to the youth that Yoga helps in connecting man with spirituality and God in many ways. He told that yoga takes us from materialism to spirituality.

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Yogacharya Haidy told that regular yoga activities give us better health and longer life.AIIMS Executive Director Professor (Dr.) Meenu Singh specially participated in the yoga session. During this, he also practiced various Yogik Kriyas in the Yoga session with the seekers from India and abroad.

Yoga Instructor Deepchand Joshi, Sandeep Bhandari, Amit Bhardwaj, Beena of AIIMS Ayush Department also cooperated in the session. Dr. Vandana Dhingra, Dr. Prakhar Sharma, Dr. Rohit Gupta, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Pooja Bhadoria, Dr. Ashish Jain, Dr. Raj Rajeshwari etc were present on this occasion.

Under the two-day Youth 20 consultation event organized at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh, on the first day, addiction management was organized with the aim of keeping the youth away from drug addiction, in which the expert advised the youth to quit addiction and join the mainstream of life. The method was told. More than 50 domestic and foreign participants took part in this session.

In the addiction management session organized under Youth-20 events at Ayush Bhawan of AIIMS, German expert Ziva Hammond in her lecture gave a message to the participating youth to stay away from any kind of addiction in life. He also suggested preventive measures to the youth suffering from drug addiction. For this he told “12 Steps Recovery and Bhakti Yoga” (12 steps to quit addiction through Bhakti Yoga). Speaking on her personal life, Jeeva Hammond told that she herself got addicted to drugs at the young age of 26. He was inspired by someone to adopt “12 Steps Recovery and Bhakti Yoga”. After which he got rid of drug addiction. After this, she joined this organization forever and started campaigning to join this organization to keep other youth away from such addictions. Jeeva Hammond appealed to the participants that if any person in their family, contact or surrounding society is suffering from any kind of addiction, then motivate them to follow the formula of “12 Steps Recovery and Bhakti Yoga”.

He told that in the first situation we feel powerless and helpless in front of our addiction, in such a situation we morally hand over ourselves to the Almighty keeping faith in that supreme power, which will bring a new spiritual awakening in us. He told that with this, we can try to connect other drug-addicted youth with the mainstream of the society by leaving the addiction.


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