Rishikesh : WHO & AIIMS Research shows, Covid infection can be prevented by maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and maintaining frequent hand hygiene

There is an urgent need to re-train the health workers for better preparedness to deal with the possible third wave :Prof.Vartika Saxena

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Risihkesh : Recent joint research by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, [AIIMS] Rishikesh and the World Health Organization [WHO] has shown that the risk of transmission of covid infection can be prevented by maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and maintaining frequent hand hygiene.

The World Health Organization is working on a multi-centered integration testing plan to assess the risk factors attributable to COVID-19 among health care workers. In line with the objectives of this scheme, a detailed study was also done by the CFM department of AIIMS Rishikesh. The study was started a year ago in December-2020 under the leadership of Professor Vartika Saxena and Associate Professor Meenakshi Khapre, CFM Department of AIIMS. On completion of the study, a dissemination workshop was organized by the CFM department of AIIMS Rishikesh on this subject. The theme of the workshop was ‘Assessment of risk factors for COVID-19 among health care workers and studies in tertiary care hospitals in India’.

It is noteworthy that healthcare workers are the foundation of the health system. According to WHO estimates, there is a potential estimated death of about one lakh health and care workers in the period January- 2020 to May- 2021 worldwide. If we talk about India, according to the data of insurance claims so far 921 health workers engaged in the treatment of Kovid patients have died due to Kovid 19 infection. As the number of corona cases was increasing in the society, the already overworked health care worker HCW may also become mentally unwell or depressed due to the death of patients or colleagues and being separated from their family while on duty. were go. These conditions made him more vulnerable to infection error, which also made him infected during the treatment of patients.

The chief guest in the workshop, Academic Professor Manoj Gupta, Dean of the Institute, congratulated the team of investigators for completing the study and said that it is important for us to follow the basics of hand washing, physical distancing and personal protection matters in the prevention of any infectious disease. It is absolutely necessary to follow.

Dr. Mohammad Ahmed, WHO Professional Officer in India, mentioned that WHO has maintained the quality of this multi-centred study by providing full technical and other support at its level by continuously monitoring the study centres. He appreciated the team at AIIMS Rishikesh for completing the study on time as per WHO protocol. Dr. Mohamed also reiterated that hand washing and wearing appropriate PPE kits are still the most important measures to prevent highly contagious diseases like corona. Addressing the workshop, Head of the CFM Department, Prof. Vartika Saxena said that there is an urgent need to re-train the health workers for better preparedness to deal with the possible third wave. Dr. Meenakshi Khapre, Assistant Professor of the Department gave information about the results of the study. The diagnostic serology test for the presence of antibodies in 35.3 percent of nurses and 30.4 percent of physicians found that 86.1 percent of cases and 24.6 percent of non-vaccinated controls were positive for the presence of antibodies, they said. He said that not maintaining hand hygiene, not wearing proper PPE, touching the patient’s material and being in contact with it increases the risk of Kovid infection by 80 percent. Dr. Aparajita Mehta, the coordinator and teacher of this study in the workshop, thanked all the investigators for their dedicated participation in the study.

In the workshop, Medical Superintendent of AIIMS Hospital Prof. Ashwini Dalal, Additional Professor Dr. Ranjita Kumari, Associate Professor Dr. Mahendra Singh, Assistant Professor Microbiology Dr. Amber Prasad, SMO WHO Dr. Vikas Sharma, Dr. Ashutosh participated. Dr. Pallavi (SR), Dr. Rohit (SR), Junior Residents and MPH students were present.

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