Rishikesh: The condition of only Clock Tower in the city is worsens, the matter raised by young Social Worker in front of Municipal Commissioner

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Rishikesh :(Manoj Rautela) The Only Clock Tower of the city is in very bad condition now. This historical heritage needs to rebuild so that city can see again intact. The matter has been raised by Young Social Worker Bhuvneshwar Prasad Bhardwaj alias BP Bhardwaj in front of newly joined Municipal Commissioner Shailendra Negi.

Bhardwaj raised this city’s problem to Municipal Commissioner Shailendra Negi on Wednesday. Commissioner  was informed that the condition of clock tower or Ghanta Ghar (Which is called in Hindi). Basically, this is the matter of Ward Number 5 at Kumhar Baada region of the city. This clock tower is situated on Dehradun Road near by doon crossing.  Last year i.e 2023 that clock tower was  painted during the G-20 event  and at that time  internationals delegates had come to perform Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat. But the internal condition remains the same. Clock is not running right now. The situation is that there are no numbers visible from 7 to 11 on the clock. Wild pigeons are fluttering surrounding the clock. Half part of the clock inside area is broken. Big hole is there.  In such a situation, young social worker Bhardwaj took the initiative and took this issue to the Municipal Commissioner in the public hearing camp in Rishikesh.

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Let us tell you, Now a public hearing camp will be held every Wednesday  said by Municipal Commissioner Negi.  He himself is diligent PCS Officer. And he is serious about the problems surrounding the city. He has is listened the problem very calmly and seriously said by Bhardwaj.  Now there is hope that this Clock Tower /Ghanta Ghar  will get some salvation. The wheel of time which has stopped will start moving again. On the other hand, people have welcomed Bhardwaj’s initiative. Amit Negi, a youth who often comes to the city center which is situated in front of clock tower to drink tea, said that this initiative is good. We have been seeing its worsening condition for a long time now. We also don’t like it, this is such an old heritage of the city. If the government administration acts on Bhardwaj’s complaint, it will be a matter of happiness for everyone. Whereas Bhardwaj said, “The Municipal Commissioner heard the matter of mine very seriously and also directed it to the concerned officer. Such camps should be organized in every ward, hopefully the time cycle of this clock tower will move again….”

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Know about the Historical Clock Tower of Rishikesh-
There’s no doubt that Rishikesh’s clock tower is a central element of the city’s identity. Built in 1928 in memory of Gopal Singh, its captivating architecture and chiming bell have shaped the atmosphere of the central area for generations. Sadly, the clock tower faces worrying deterioration. The bell no longer rings, the clock malfunctions, and cracks mar its walls. Preserving this landmark demands our collective voice. We must urge the municipal corporation to undertake restoration and bring back its former glory. Beyond the clock tower, protecting our city’s historical identity demands further action. Sharing stories of our past with younger generations, caring for old buildings, and engaging in community efforts can all contribute to safeguarding our heritage.

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