Rishikesh: Successful Operation of fracture in the lower jaw of  two-year-old infant in Seema Dental College and Hospital

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Manoj Rautela Reports:

Rishikesh: Doctors at Seema Dental College and Hospital have shown new hope to a two-year-old child by doing successful operation of his lower jaw. On June 11, in a village in Uttarkashi district, an accident happened with a two-year-old child named Akhil Singh, in which his lower jaw bone was fractured. Akhil’s parents came with a hope to Seema Dental College and Hospital Rishikesh due to lack of timely treatment in hilly areas. The reputed doctors of Seema Dental College and Hospital Rishikesh immediately got Akhil’s jaw examined and started the process of his treatment without any delay.

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The team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. Himanshu Aron, Director Principal of the Institute, planned the surgery for this infant. In this surgery, the work of realigning Akhil’s jaw was done in the operation theater with the consent of his parents. Medical Experts team was included, Dr. Amit Agarwal, Dr. Vinas Kumar, Dr. Muthunaghai R, Dr. Mudit Agarwal, Dr. Nitin Khanduri, Dr. Rahul Pandey and Dr. Mamta Sharma. After a successful two-hour surgery, Akhil was kept under the supervision of doctors and on examination the next day, when Akhil showed signs of positive recovery, he was discharged from the hospital, says Akhil’s father, Komal Singh. He said my son was treated very well by the doctors of Seema Dental College, which gave a new life to my child. I am grateful to all the doctors of Seema Dental College and Hospital.


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