Rishikesh: Organized Spine Endoscopy and Advanced Pain Intervention workshop under the aegis of Department of Anesthesia, AIIMS Rishikesh, experts gathered from all over the country

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Rishikesh : (Manoj Rautela) Spine Endoscopy and Advanced Pain Intervention workshop was organized under the aegis of the Department of Anesthesia, AIIMS Rishikesh. In which experts gathered from all over the country participated, during which they gave many important information related to the subject to the participants through lectures and demonstrations.

The two-day workshop, organized under the aegis of the Department of Anesthesia Division of Pain, was duly inaugurated by Professor Dr. Meenu Singh, Executive Director of the Institute. On this occasion, he threw light on the subject of chronic pain and yoga. Pain specialists from various medical institutes of the country participated in the workshop. Inaugurating the workshop, Dr. YS Payal, Senior Physician, Department of Anesthesia threw light on the related topic. Dr.Ajit Kumar, secretary of the organizing committee, informed the participants about chronic pain. On the first day Cadaveric workshop, Endoscopy, Desectomy, Kypho plasty, Bhatibro plasty, Intrathecal Drug Delivery System and Neuro Modulation were demonstrated. On this occasion, experts presented lectures on various types of chronic pain, in which Dr. Anurag Agarwal, Secretary, Indian Society of Pain Clinicians, on Kyphoplasty and Bhatibroplasty, Dr. Ravi Shankar on Neuro Modulation, Dr. Manish Raj on Spine Endoscopy. And Dr. Puneet Khanna from AIIMS Delhi delivered a lecture on the topic Instructural Drug Delivery System for Chronic Pain Management.

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In the workshop Dr. Nitika Goyal, Dr. Ankita KB, Dr. Neha Kator, Dr. Samridhi Nanda, Dr. Aachka Zuberi etc. experts also expressed their views. While on the second day live demonstration of spine endoscopy was done, in which Dr. Anurag Agarwal and Dr. Sushil Jaiswal had special contribution. Organizing secretary Dr. Ajit Kumar and Dr. Praveen Talwar congratulated the participants from all over the country. Thanks to the experts. In the workshop, Medical Superintendent of the Institute, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Mittal and in-charge Dean Academic Prof. Apart from Shailendra Handu, Dr. Mohammad Noor Alam from Bangladesh, Dr. Jaiprakash Thakur and Abhishek Kumar Modanwal from Nepal specially participated.

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Anatomy Department Head Professor Brijendra Singh, Prof. in the event. Kamar Azam, Dr. Rajneesh Arora, Dr. Girish Singh, Dr. Mukesh Singhla, Dr. Bhaskar Sarkar, Dr. Sushil Jaiswal, Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh etc. provided support. On this occasion, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Praveen Talwar, Dr. Priyanka Gupta, Dr. Mridul Dhar of Department of Anesthesia, besides the trainee senior residents of Penn DM, Dr. Gaurav Purohit, Dr. Sonal Goyal, Dr. Adityapal Maheshwar, Dr. Vaibhav Bhandari, Dr. Shivam Bhandari, Dr. Shivam Gupta, Dr. Pradeep Attar, Dr. Abhilash Saghankar, Dr. Sukhdev Gupta, Dr. Mansa Kantha, Dr. Seerat Chiraya, Dr. Sridhar etc. were present.


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