Rishikesh : Dehradun based woman rescued by Jal Police, drowning in the Ganga river in Naav Ghat 

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Rishikesh : Dehradun based woman rescued, drowning in the Ganga river in Naav Ghat. While taking a bath in the Ganges in Munikireti police station area, a woman started drowning in the strong current of water. The Jal,Police personnel, who came immediately and rescued the woman safely from the water. The woman has thanked the rescue team.

According to Munikireti police station, around 10.30 am on Sunday morning, a woman was taking a bath in the Ganges at Naavghat. Meanwhile, while taking a dip, she came and started flowing in a strong stream of water. Seeing herself in danger, the woman raised an alarm for rescue. Hearing the noise, the water police personnel present at the ghat were alerted and equipped with disaster equipment jumped into the Ganges to save the woman drowning in the Ganges.

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After a struggle of about half an hour, the Jal Police personnel brought the woman out of the water, who had swept away  about 300 meters further into the Ganges. Police has identified the woman as Reena (38) wife of Dhaniram resident near Kargi Chowk, Dehradun. It was informed that the woman had come here to bath in the Ganges. After her relatives had been informed. The rescue team included Jal Police personnel were…

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Rescue was done by the following Jal Police Staff-
1- Subhash Dhyani
2- Gajpal Singh
3- Ravindra Tomar
4- Videsh Chauhan
5- Rakesh Rawat
6- Pushkar Rawat
7- Mahendra Singh

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