Rishikesh: AIIMS doctors replaced heart valves without open heart surgery, now 58 year old Vibhuranjan will climb stairs without support

Lungs were filled with water, kidneys were also damaged

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Rishikesh: At the age of 58, a patient suffering from rheumatic heart disease had damaged heart valves. Due to lack of timely treatment, his lungs became filled with water and due to kidney failure, urination also started getting obstructed. When he became unable to walk, he ran to many hospitals to save his life, but he could not get treatment anywhere. In such a situation, the doctors of the Cardiology Department of AIIMS Rishikesh have succeeded in providing a new life to the patient by successfully replacing the heart valves without open heart surgery. The patient is now healthy and has started walking without any support.

Vibhuranjan Pal, a resident of Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, was suffering from various complex diseases of the body including serious heart problem for the last 8-10 months. His heart valves had become damaged and due to lack of treatment, one valve had shrunk and become smaller. The condition was such that the working capacity of the heart had reduced to only 20 percent. Nearby hospitals told him that his disease was now incurable and his recovery was impossible. He was told that he would now have to depend on medicines for the rest of his life. In such a situation, he reached AIIMS Rishikesh with the last hope. Here, on August 10 last month, he told his health-related problems to Professor Bhanu Duggal, a cardiologist present in the OPD of the Cardiology Department and called AIIMS as his last hope to save his life.

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Giving information in this regard, Dr., Head of Cardiology Department and Senior Surgeon of AIIMS. Bhanu Duggal told that the condition of the patient was such that he was in very high risk and bypass surgery could not be done. In such a situation, after getting all the necessary tests done on the patient, he was advised to undergo heart valve replacement without open heart surgery. Dr. Bhanu told that the patient’s kidneys had also deteriorated. Besides, due to the lungs being filled with water, his breathing was becoming labored. The heart had expanded beyond its size and had deteriorated. Under these circumstances, the patient was at risk of cardiac death at any time.

Dr. Bhanu told that the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit for a few days and the process of stabilizing his condition was done and then with the consent of the patient and his family, a plan was prepared to do valve replacement taking a high risk. He said that after stabilizing the patient’s condition with medicines for a week in the ICU, two of his heart valves were successfully replaced on August 20. In this very complex process, indigenous valves made in India have been used for the first time. Dr. According to Bhanu, the patient’s kidney started functioning properly on the first day after valve replacement and due to lack of need, the patient’s oxygen support was also removed. He told that the patient started walking without any support from the next day itself. About 20 days after the surgery, he has now started climbing stairs without any support. Even other organs of the patient are functioning better. After recovering, the patient was discharged from the hospital recently. Dr. is in the team doing valve replacement. Apart from Bhanu Duggal, Dr. Yogesh Chand, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Anirudh etc. were included.

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Executive Director of the Institute, Professor (Dr.) Meenu Singh praised the team of experienced doctors of the Cardiology Department in this regard and said that it is very useful to get timely treatment to prevent various heart related diseases. He said that for better treatment of heart patients, world class technology based cath lab facility is also available in AIIMS. Patients suffering from heart disease should take advantage of this facility of AIIMS.


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