Rishikesh: A team of 15 field personnel of VTR from Bihar will study wildlife conservation efforts in Chilla range, Director RTR Dr. Saket Badola inaugurated the workshop

Three-day training program for field personnel of Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) inaugurated in Chilla range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve (RTR)

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  • A team of 15 people arrived from Bihar to take training and will learn the nuances of forest animal conservation in Rajaji Tiger Reserve (RTR).
  • Inauguration by Director Rajaji Tiger Reserve Dr. Saket Badola
  • The team from Bihar will learn the nuances for three days and will study the efforts of wildlife conservation in Raja Ji Tiger Reserve.
  • Rajaji Tiger Reserve (RTR) has achieved a milestone, made strong image across the world,  now teams from other states have started coming to take training.

Rishikesh: (Manoj Rautela) A three-day training program for the field personnel of Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) was inaugurated by Dr. Saket Badola, Director, Rajaji Tiger Reserve, in the Chilla range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve (RTR) on Thursday. A team of 15 field personnel came from Bihar, which included a veterinarian, 2 biologists and 13 forest guards. Rajaji to study the efforts for wildlife conservation. Many new experiments are being successfully conducted in RTR for wildlife conservation, corridor management for wildlife and wildlife habitat management. Along with this, the process of tiger translocation has been going on for the last 3 years to strengthen the tiger population in the western part of the tiger reserve. After getting recognition from NTCA, 10 tigers are to be brought from Corbett Tiger Reserve to Rajaji in two phases. In this sequence, four tigers of the first phase have been translocated to Rajaji. A team is dedicated to monitoring them 24 hours a day. Which includes Rajaji’s field personnel as well as WWF personnel.

Elephant corridors have also been successfully managed in Rajaji. Due to these successful efforts, tiger reserves of other states also want to learn from Rajaji Tiger Reserve management. Therefore, now such trainings are also being organized in Rajaji Tiger Reserve. On the first day of training where the team of Valmiki Tiger Reserve was explained in detail about the wildlife management of Rajaji. The VTR team informed about the innovative efforts for grassland management being carried out in VTR. Which will also be used in Rajaji in future. This type of training will increase the exchange of successful efforts for wildlife conservation in both the Tiger Reserves, which is a new and encouraging step in wildlife conservation. On this occasion, Rajaji Director Dr. Saket Badola along with Wildlife Conservationist Harish Negi, two Newly appointed Assistant Forest Conservators Ajay Lingwal and Sarita Bhatt, Forest Range Officer Bijendra Tiwari, Deputy Ranger Ramesh Kothiyal, Dr IP Bopanna and Vikram Tomar from  WWF were present.


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