Rajasthan : PM Modi gave the entire wealth of the country to his industrialist friends: Priyanka Gandhi

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Tonk:  On Sunday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing a public meeting in Niwai in Tonk district of Rajasthan, made sharp attacks on PM Modi.

Priyanka Gandhi said that PM Modi has given the entire wealth of the country to his industrialist friends. No one cares about inflation. The one who calls himself son of the land travels in a caravan worth crores. PM waived off the loans of industrialist friends. Kept industrialist friends forward. The public is behind. Let’s bring religion in between. Let’s bring caste. Priyanka Gandhi said that this election is the election of your future. BJP has repeatedly violated the rights of the people. If the government hands over big companies to rich friends, then who bears the loss? Old pension is being received in Rajasthan.

Priyanka Gandhi said that disaster has struck Himachal Pradesh. But PM Modi’s industrialist friend Adani increased the prices of cement. Goods carrying apples became expensive. Life got disrupted due to heavy rains in Himachal. Hundreds of houses were destroyed. But the cement used in building houses became expensive. Priyanka Gandhi said that by closing the old pension scheme, BJP has taken away the rights of the employees. When it comes to increasing pension, the government says there is no money. Priyanka said that Modi government waives off loans of industrialist friends. But it says there is no money to pay pension. The BJP government has violated the rights of the people. The government which violates the rights of the people. Reject him. There is inflation in the country. But BJP people are not worried. Gehlot government of Rajasthan is worried. Gas cylinder is being given for Rs 500. There is free treatment. Food is for 8 rupees. There is employment guarantee scheme. Because we consider the poor as Ganesh.

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Priyanka Gandhi said why has this situation come today? State governments are having to set up inflation relief camps. Rajasthan is called the land of bravery and sacrifice. There are stories of bravery in every corner of the land of Rajasthan. Priyanka Gandhi cheered Diggi Kalyan ji from the stage. In democracy, the people are the people. In democracy no one is bigger than the people. The aim of Congress is to take schemes to the last mile of the poor. The Congress government implemented many important schemes in Rajasthan. A government that has the right intentions spends government money at the right place for welfare. Ashok Gehlot ji’s government is like this in the country.

Priyanka Gandhi said that the rich people cheer in the central government. The Congress government is based on the faith of Devnarayan ji, the faith of Diggi Kalyanji, the thoughts of Dhanna Bhagat ji. I demand from the Central Government that why is the Central Government silent on ERCP? ERCP is a big issue in 13 districts of Rajasthan. Now the elections have come, I request you to elect such leaders. Who does not have ego but has faith in you, who does not increase the problems of people by coming to power, but who removes your problems by coming to power. The Congress government in Rajasthan is like this.

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In Niwai, Priyanka Gandhi said that there was water at the G-20 meeting venue due to rain. Perhaps nature was saying that BJP leaders should reduce their ego. Priyanka Gandhi said that today the Rajasthan government is working considering the poor as Ganesh. There is a famous Ganesh temple in Ranthambore. I have been there many times. Lions and tigers walk on the same path, I also walk, but I always watch. There is no fear in the minds of those who visit. Because they have faith in God. In a democracy, the leader should have such respect for the people. But after coming to power, the leader’s own ambitions come to the fore instead of serving the public. Today the government is giving mobile phones to women. The government is not doing any favor, this is the right of the people. But the government sitting in the country is full of arrogance. BJP leaders do not care about inflation. My Ram Ram to all the brothers and sisters of Priyanka Gandhi’s Veer Bhoomi Rajasthan. Rajasthan is an example of duty and bravery. Jodhpuria Dev Narayan Bhagwan, Dhanna Bhagat, Diggi Kalyanji ki Jai’ ‘People are supreme in democracy.


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