Patna: Raid on the premises of Engineer Ajay Kumar Singh, found 3 silver bricks, gold, cash Rs. 95 lakh, 20 bank accounts, everyone shocked

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Patna: Everyone was surprised when an engineer’s base was raided in Bihar. Millions of sand bricks, gold, cash were found. The campaign of the Special Vigilance Unit against corruption is continuing. Yesterday, the SUV raided three locations of Samastipur Sub Registrar Mani Ranjan in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Samastipur and recovered cash worth Rs 60 lakh and unearthed several plots-flats, luxury vehicles and hotel construction worth crores.

On Saturday, surveillance raided the residence of Ajay Kumar Singh, Executive Engineer of Rural Works Department, located at Indrapuri in Patna. In this raid, cash of Rs 95 lakh has been recovered. One kg 295 grams of gold jewelery has also been found. Apart from this, 12 kg of silver has been found at the house, including jewelery and three silver bricks. The total value of silver has been estimated at Rs 66 lakh 51 thousand. An investment of Rs 81 lakh has been disclosed in the National Savings Certificate. Ajay Kumar Singh has been posted in the Masaudhi Division of Rural Works Department for a long time.

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After the raids started at eight in the morning, the surveillance team kept scouting every nook and corner of Ajay Singh’s residence till late in the evening. The team of Economic Offenses Unit and Special Vigilance Unit is also investigating the amount and investment documents being recovered from there. In view of the huge amount of cash recovered, a money counting machine was called in the afternoon. Money deposited in 20 bank accounts of Ajay Singh has also been disclosed. The amount deposited in these is being calculated separately. Twelve lands and flats acquired from the black money of the engineer have also been unearthed. The valuer has been called to evaluate them. The land located at Bairiya in Patna is said to be worth 40 lakhs.

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Similarly, the accused engineer is also the owner of seven four wheelers including Scorpio, TUV, 300, Santro and Alto. He also owns four two-wheelers including Bullet, Apache and Glamor. More source of income is to be out, as related officers are investigating the case.


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