Famous writer of Pakistani origin Tariq Fateh passed away in Canada, was ill for a long time, RSS also paid tribute

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Canada/Delhi: Famous writer of Pakistani origin Tariq Fateh passed away. He was running ill for a long time. He was 73. Daughter Natasha has confirmed his death. Natasha tweeted, ‘Lion of Punjab, son of India, lover of Canada, truth teller, fighter for justice, voice of downtrodden and oppressed Tariq Fateh is no more with us. His work and his revolution will live on with all who knew and loved him. Please tell that he was very popular among the people here because of his liberal attitude towards India.

Tariq Fateh’s family was a resident of Mumbai. When India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947, his family settled in Karachi, Pakistan. Where Tariq Fateh was born on 20 November 1949 in Karachi. Famous writer Tariq Fateh studied biochemistry from Karachi University, but later he made journalism his profession. He worked in a Pakistani TV channel. Prior to that, in 1970, he used to report in the newspaper Karachi Sun. Due to investigative journalism, he also went to jail many times. However, Tariq later left Pakistan and went to Saudi Arabia. From where he settled in Canada in 1987.

Tariq Fateh was identified as a Pakistani-origin Canadian author, broadcaster and secular liberal activist. He continued to speak and write vocally against Islamic extremism. Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State is his famous work. He was also in favor of equal rights and interests of homosexual persons. Along with this, he also wrote and spoke a lot on human rights abuses in Balochistan. He was also known as a supporter of Azad Balochistan.

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Tariq Fateh has always been a staunch critic of Pakistan. He worked to show the mirror to Pakistan on many occasions. His attitude towards India and Hindus was always positive. He used to keep his views on every major issue. His views regarding some traditions of Islam also remained in dispute. He supported India on many issues. He had also praised the Modi government many times. In a statement, he had said that Modi brought Pakistan to a state of starvation without firing a single bullet.Tariq Fateh first went to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s from Pakistan. After that in 1987 he moved to Canada and settled there. However, he used to visit India from time to time. He used to call the partition of India wrong. He said that Pakistan is also a part of Indian culture.

Tariq Fateh was always against religious fanaticism. He considered Indian culture as the formula of unity. He was attacked many times by Pakistani terrorists, but he did not get scared, but kept on expressing his opinion with more impunity. A program called ‘Fatah Ka Fatwa’ was started on a TV channel in India, about which there was a lot of controversy.Tariq Fateh was originally a writer. He wrote many books, out of which ‘Chasing a Miraj: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State’ was very famous. He was in favor of equal rights and interests of gay people. Along with this, he also wrote and spoke a lot on human rights abuses in Balochistan. He was also known as a supporter of Azad Balochistan. He used to keep coming to India. Along with this, he always used to talk in support of India. Fateh always used to speak the truth. He always showed the mirror to Pakistan.

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RSS paid trbute:

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also paid tribute to Tariq Fateh. The organization said that Tariq Fateh was a renowned thinker, writer and commentator. His significant contribution to the media and literary world will always be remembered. He remained committed to his principles and beliefs throughout his life. He was respected for his courage and conviction.


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