Ohhhh…..Now the “cats of Russia” have also been banned till 31st May

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Moscow/Delhi: The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. In such a situation, human beings have started having an effect on animals as well. Russian cats have been banned by the way. Yes this is true. The most famous cats are of Russian breed. Now the name of Federation International Feline (FIFe) associated with cats has also been included in this list. According to the FIFe statement, many innocent people were killed, many were injured and millions of Ukrainians were forced to run away from home to save their lives. We can see the devastation and chaos caused by this unprecedented attack.’ The society has decided to ban the export and registration of Russian breed cats. At present, these restrictions have been implemented till May 31 and they will be reviewed if needed. According to a statement issued by the NGO, FIFe Executive Board, it is ‘shocking and intimidating’ that Russian forces have invaded Ukraine and started a war.

Especially this news is big for pet lovers. People are thinking about humans as well as animals. This is a different thing in itself.
FIFe said that the board felt that they could not see these atrocities taking place, so it has been decided that from 1 March ‘any cat breed in Russia should be exported to Russia and registered in any FIFe pedigree book’. can not be done. Then it does not matter which organization has issued his pedigree.

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According to the statement, ‘The cat belonging to the demonstrators living in Russia cannot participate in any FIFe show in Russia. Irrespective of which organization the protesters hold membership of.’ Notably, the FIFe board decided to provide a part of its budget to support cat owners who are facing a dire situation due to the war while living in Ukraine. Is.


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