Nainital: The matter of setting up the High Court single Bench in IDPL in Rishikesh, there is a consensus in Kumaon, will not let the High Court shift

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Nainital: After getting the information about shifting the High Court Bench from Nainital, the protest has started. The advocates of Kumaon are unanimous. In the general meeting held in the High Court Bar Association, everyone expressed their agreement on this matter.

Bar President DCS Rawat said that at any cost, the High Court will not be allowed to go out of the district. In the general meeting of the advocates, it was said that if there is a shortage of space for the court, then Metro Pole, Telephone Exchange, Kumaon University and ATI can be taken from the government. A meeting is to be held on this matter on Friday i.e. today. A RESOLUTION will be given to the Chief Justice. In this matter, MC Kandpal said that there was a demand to shift the High Court from Nainital. But there was no demand to set up a bench somewhere else. After the protest, the bars of different districts of Kumaon division have also agreed not to shift the High Court.

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In this matter, all the bar associations of Garhwal division will gather in Dehradun on Friday i.e. today. Today, there will be a referendum of the advocates to decide whether the High Court Bench will be established in IDPL Rishikesh or somewhere else. For this referendum, all the office bearers of the Bar Association of Garhwal Division will gather in Dehradun on Friday. After the protest of the High Court Bar Association, the Chief Justice has decided to pass the oral order on the basis of public opinion. President Rajiv Sharma Bantu told the journalists, the High Court had given a verbal order on Wednesday that a bench of the High Court will be established in IDPL Rishikesh. As soon as this decision came, the advocates of the High Court Bar Association started protesting. Due to this, the High Court has put this decision on hold. After the protest, it has now been left to public opinion.


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