ML Tech’s Digital Asset Market Neutral Opportunities Fund Reaches Milestone of Six Months of Live Trading

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MIAMI :  ML Tech, a leading digital asset wealth management platform, in collaboration with ARB Fund Management LLC, announced that its Digital Asset Market Neutral Opportunities Fund (“the Fund”) reached an important milestone: six months of live trading with an auditable track record. The Fund is Cayman Island based and available to global investors.

The Digital Asset Market Neutral Opportunities Fund consists of delta-neutral strategies such as funding rate arbitrage, HFT arbitrage, basis trading, as well as market neutral strategies including relative value, statistical arbitrage and other quantitative strategies. ML Tech Capital’s investment approach combines multiple quantitative strategies to maximize capital appreciation while minimizing risk by not taking a directional market view.

“We’re grateful for the support of our investors, partners and team, and believe this new vehicle will enable us to continue to create value in digital asset management, while providing easy and effective means to gain exposure in the rapidly expanding asset class of cryptocurrency. For investors looking for actively managed crypto exposure managed by an experienced quant team with deep experience in digital assets, our goal is to provide a sophisticated fully systematic option” said Leo Mindyuk, CEO, CIO and Co-founder of ML Tech. ARB Fund Management LLC CEO, John Klimek, “The shift to crypto funds is a defining moment for the industry and for discerning investors to tap into alpha opportunities in digital asset markets. I believe ML Tech is at the forefront of the space given their experience in the digital asset markets.” The Fund offers investors an opportunity to access attractive risk-adjusted returns in USD, BTC and ETH share classes. BTC and ETH share classes would benefit from both the alpha (native coin exposure) and beta (returns generated by the strategies on top of the coin exposure).

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Miami-headquartered ML Tech was founded by former digital asset and quantitative trader, MIT alum Leo Mindyuk, and trading infrastructure expert, Markus Leballeux. In addition to the new Fund, the firm offers a non-custodial Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) platform where investors can choose blended portfolios. Similar to the platform, the Fund is ideal for a wide range of investors, including family offices, token foundations, fund of funds, crypto miners and high net-worth individuals. The Fund requires a $100,000 minimum investment and one-year lockup period with an industry standard fee structure. To learn more about investing in the Fund or SMAs, News Soruce:  GLOBE NEWSWIRE & ML Tech


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