MD of PTC Channel Ravinder Narayan in police custody in Miss Punjabi Mahila Case

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New Delhi : The big news of this time is coming out that the MD of PTC channel, Rabinder Narayan has been taken into custody. She got an FIR lodged by a contestant in the Miss Punjabi Mahila case. He has been taken into custody for questioning.

According to media reports, the contestant was molested by PTC personnel by locking her in her hotel room. A complaint was lodged with the police in this regard last year. At the same time, Ravindra Narayan was taken in custody after taking cognizance of the said case. It has also come to the fore in the case that the innocent girl was lured and forced into wrongdoing. A girl has even alleged that in the name of the lady of PTC’s Miss Punjabi, girls were called and taken to the hotel and presented in front of big people. There they were also exploited.

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However, after the entire matter came to the notice of the police, now the process of investigation is going on. Now in such a situation, it has to be seen whether any truth comes out after investigation in this whole matter from the police side. People are seen expressing their reaction on this in different ways.


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