Lucknow : UP Police got its insignia for the first time, unveiled by DGP Dr. DS Chauhan

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Lucknow : The UP Police has got its insignia for the first time. It has been issued by DGP Dr. DS Chauhan on Tuesday in Lucknow. From the DGP to the constable, this insignia will be applied on their uniform. It will be fitted over the right pocket of the uniform shirt.

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Tuesday was a very special day for the UP Police. Police force has got his first insignia. DGP Dr. DS Chauhan unveiled the insignia and it was affixed on the uniforms of police officers and personnel. From the DGP to the constable, this insignia will be applied on their uniform. It will be fitted over the right pocket of the uniform shirt. In police parlance, the insignia is called insignia.

The police color (blue and red) has been used in the insignia of the UP Police and in it Satyamev Jayate is written under the lot of Ashok. Uttar Pradesh Police is written below and the shape of two fishes has been made in the middle. Now from the DGP to the constable, the police symbol will be worn in the uniform on the right side of the chest on top of the nameplate. At present, police officers and personnel in uniform wear the symbol of Uttar Pradesh government on the side. Sign found after 159 years of establishment

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The Uttar Pradesh Police Force has got its insignia after 159 years of its establishment. It was conceived on the occasion of 15th August this year. At present the police of Punjab, Delhi, Tripura, Jammu and Kashmir and some other states have their own insignia. The Preetak symbol was unveiled at a function held at the DGP Headquarters. The Uttar Pradesh Police is one of the oldest police departments in the Republic of India and the largest police force in the world. It was established in the year 1863 as the Office of the Inspector General of Police of the United Provinces under the Police Act 1861, which is a 159 year old force.

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On November 13, 1952, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru presented the President’s Color to the UP Police for its excellent performance in all areas of police work. UP Police was the first police force in the country to achieve this distinction. Since then the flag of UP Police is of blue and red colours. ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar and ADG Traffic Anupam Kulshrestha played an important role in making the emblem. Fashion designer Purnima Bhikta also contributed in making the logo. DGP put police symbol on them

In the ceremony, DGP DG Jail Anand Kumar, DG SSIT Renuka Mishra, DG Home Guard BK Maurya, DG Power Corporation NN Sabat, DG Fire Service Avinash Chandra, DG Training Dr. Sanjay M. Tarde, ADG Crime MK Bashal, ADG Traffic Anupam Kulshrestha, IG Law and Order Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, SP Traffic AP Singh, ASP SSIT Shweta Srivastava, Deputy Superintendent of Police Women and Child Safety Organization Soumya Pandey, Inspector Private Security Tribunal Sachchidanand Rai, Sub Inspector Railway Nazar Abbas, Chief Constable Traffic Directorate Shashank Babu Shukla and Women The emblem was put on the constable ANTF Pooja Karki.


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