London: British Airways aborts shaky ladning at the  windy heathrow, watch video

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London : British Airways Aborts Shaky Landing Amid Strong Winds of Storm Corrie. A British Airways passenger plane tilts aside while landing in the UK yesterday. Pilot was very alert and get into take off gear. Otherwise it could have been a loss of life and property.It was happened at Britain’s most famous and largest Heathrow Airport. The video of the landing of the aeroplane  is going viral.

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Watch in the video-

According to the Sky News, As soon as the British Airways flight started landing, the rear wheels were also touched down. Strong winds shook the flight and the flight took off again. Againt tried to touch down again second time it got take off. Thankfully the pilot was alert, he immediately put the aeroplane in take off gear. Otherwise, there could have been a huge loss of life and property. Smooth landing done again after taking orbit in second round. In such a situation, officials at Heathrow Airport were alerted.

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