Kanpur : Perfume Businessman Piyush Jain Arrested, Cash and Gold Worth More Than 200 Crores Was Recovered from his House 

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Kanpur: Piyush Jain, owner of Trimurti Private Limited in Kanpur, was arrested late on Sunday night. This action has been taken by the team of DGGI after receiving cash and gold and silver worth more than Rs 200 crore from Kanpur and Kannauj.

According to information received from sources, Piyush Jain has been arrested from Kannauj. Both sons of Piyush Jain are also in the custody of the team. However, raids are still going on at the perfume trader’s house. Intelligence team’s search operation is going on in Piyush Jain’s house. According to sources, more cash and gold and silver may be hidden in Piyush Jain’s house. Such a huge amount of cash and gold found from the house of perfume trader remains a matter of discussion. He was considered a miser in the district. Used to ride in scooter.

After the raids, it has been revealed that Piyush Jain is the owner of seven houses of Chhupatti area. Till now everyone knew that only one house belongs to Piyush. Piyush, who rides a scooter, never went to local weddings. Children’s birthdays are also celebrated among themselves. Never invited anyone inside the house. There was no CCTV camera in the two bigha house. Seven years ago, the person who installed the CCTV camera was called. 38 thousand for the set of eight cameras. 16 thousand rates came in the bargain but returned it as said it too expensive.

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The image of Piyush in the locality was that of a miser, but to make the Jain temple of the locality grand, 40 lakh rupees were secretly spent. Spent on tiles, marble and granite in the temple. It is worth noting that the Income Tax Department on Friday recovered cash worth crores of rupees in a tax raid at the residence of businessman Piyush Jain in Kanpur. After this, the team also started raiding the places of Piyush Jain’s Kannauj, then bundles of notes started coming out of the houses. After this the DGGI team reached the house in Kanpur. When the team started the search operation here, bundles of notes were found in the shelves. The team also had to procure five machines to count the notes. The action was so confidential that even the local officials of DGGI were not informed about it.

According to sources, the Ahmedabad team had spoken to two local officials. He was told that an operation had to be done. For this you have to go to Big Bazaar. There are many Big Bazaars in Kanpur? Where to reach? When asked, where are Big Bazaars? When local officials named Rawatpur and the parade’s Big Bazaar, they were denied. After taking the name of Big Bazaar of South Kanpur, it was called there. When the officers arrived, the Ahmedabad team had given them a sealed envelope. The envelopes were opened after getting into the car. There were guidelines for action. After this the team raided the perfume trader’s house. The raids are continuing for three days.

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Piyush Jain’s house in Chhippatti, a dense area of ​​Kannauj, is no less than a magical palace. The house, spread over two bighas, looks like one from outside, but there are seven different houses inside it. Not only this, the entry of every house is towards the street from outside. That is, no house is interconnected from inside. Piyush’s palatial home for 35 officers of the DGGI wing is no less than a talisman. This is the largest house in the area, which has only one door from the front but 5 doors open towards the back street.

A magical house that looks from outside is different but from inside it was like mansion. That is why the investigating officers had to go out again and again with Piyush’s two sons to go to every part. There is a warehouse in one part of the house. Piyush’s house was small earlier. Later, he went to buy nearby houses and converted it into a mysterious kothi. There are 16 rooms in the house which are in the form of big halls. The surprising thing is that there are four stairs inside to go to the terrace, which are not known from outside. The structure of the house is such that no one can peek inside even from the three-storey house outside.


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