Jollygrant: Foreign Delegates start arriving for G-20, traditionally welcomed at Airport

Foreign guests also danced with Kumaoni's Choliya team

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Jollygrant: Foreign guests started arriving for G-20, traditionally welcomed at Jollygrant Airport, foreign guests also danced with Chholiya Dance Team of Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand.

Jollygrant/Dehradun : Foreign guests have started arriving for the G-20 meeting to be held in Narendranagar on May 24 and 25. This morning a group of foreign delegates arrived at Jollygrant Airport where they were traditionally welcomed with tilak and garlands. During this, the delegates could not stop themselves from seeing the artists performing Cholia dance on traditional instruments and along with the women, the male delegates also danced beautifully with the artists on the songs and music of Uttarakhand. All the guests looked very happy and overwhelmed by the hospitality extended to them at the airport. After this all of them were taken to Narendra Nagar where the main events of G-20 are being held.

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