Jodhpur : Where the black deer hunted by Salman Khan, a monument will be built there, a deer statue will be installed

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Jodhpur : Now a statue will be installed in the memory of Black Buck ie Black Buck and a grand monument will be built. Where youth of Bishnoi community are collecting funds to build a grand memorial in memory of blackbucks buried in Kankani village after they were hunted by Bollywood star Salman Khan 24 years ago.

Salman Khan was accompanied by actors Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Neelam when the blackbuck was hunted. One of the youths involved said that the ground where these blackbucks were buried will soon have a memorial. He said the memorial would have a statue of a black deer and 1,000 trees would be planted on the land where the animal was buried. Some young boys from his community have formed a WhatsApp group which has started a fund collection campaign. They are collecting around Rs 500 to 1000 from each person so that at least around Rs 2 lakh can be collected.

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Prem said that recently, a team with JCB machines came to clear the land of debris and now we will start planting trees and build a statue of a black deer. The memorial will be built in about a year. He said, “The reason it takes time is because trees take time to grow. We want deer, blackbuck and other animals to experience the forest while living here. Many deer die of fear when people pass by. So we want to make them feel safe.

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This is the land where deer and blackbuck can be seen roaming freely. In fact, even 24 years ago, he was roaming freely here, when Salman Khan killed him along with other stars. We do not want this to be repeated and therefore we will create dense forests so that the animals are safe in its lush green periphery. Pic Credit-Internet

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