Jaipur : My resignation is with Sonia Gandhi permanently: CM Ashok Gehlot

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Jaipur : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday asked everyone to avoid rumors of change of leadership in Rajasthan. He said such rumours affect governance, which confuses people.

Addressing a convention of the Revenue Service Council in Jaipur on Saturday, Gehlot said, Rumors keep going on. You don’t need to pay attention to them. Rumors say that the government is changing, the chief minister will change. But I am one such person. I am, whom Sonia Gandhi has entrusted with the responsibility of Chief Minister thrice. When I became Chief Minister in 1998, I have authorized her. My resignation is with her permanently. Gehlot was speaking in the wake of rumors about a change of leadership in Rajasthan after a meeting with former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot along with Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Delhi recently.

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He said, You can imagine, it should not come again and again that the Chief Minister is changing. What is happening? When the Chief Minister has to be changed, no one will even know about it. Rest assured, you are not going to hear rumours.” Don’t fall into it. I have been hearing such rumours for two-three days. People get confused by rumours and governance is also affected.At the same time, he also praised veteran BJP leader Nitin Gadkari for taking care of the Congress. Gadkari had recently said, Hope Congress will be strong, because a strong opposition is good for democracy.

Referring to his statement, Gehlot said, What is happening with the Congress should be a matter of concern within the country. It should also be a matter of concern for the people of the country. The common man who never voted for Congress.” The man also wants the Congress to be strong in the country. He said, One should think in the interest of the country. I tell Prime Minister Modi time and again that those who talk about Congress-mukt Bharat, they will themselves become ‘mukt’ one day. Congress may not be in power, but today It is also present in every village.

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After Pilot’s meeting with Sonia Gandhi, his statement is being considered as a reply to the discussions. When Pilot was asked about the change in strategy or face after meeting Sonia Gandhi, he said, Discussions are going on. This statement is being linked to change in Rajasthan. Now Gehlot’s statement is believed to be a story-changing reaction.

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