Protest against Hijab-Iran’s Muslim women on the streets for freedom from hijab, taking off the mask and making a video in open hair

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Tehran/New Delhi : Hijab is being strongly opposed in the Islamic country of Iran. Iranian women are on the streets protesting the hijab. Not only this, protesting women are also making a video of their removing mask in public. According to Iran’s official news agency, these women are protesting the Islamic Republic’s strict hijab rules by posting videos of removing the hijab.

Covering is mandatory. Although there are frequent demonstrations regarding the hijab, but on Tuesday, a large number of Iranian women participated in the anti-hijab campaign across the country. Iranian authorities declared July 12 (Tuesday) as ‘Hijab and Chastity Day’. In protest, women took to the streets.

Apart from women, men are also expressing their protest against Iran’s law in videos shared on social media. In some videos, women can be seen throwing scarves and shawls on the streets. Women are seen in public transport and shops without hijab. She is roaming in public with open hair. Iran’s government has given strict instructions to the country’s security forces to make the hijab mandatory. The army is making strenuous efforts to make the hijab mandatory for women. However, despite all this, the level of women’s protests is increasing. On Tuesday, when a large number of women opposed the hijab, the government tried a new trick to counter it. Meanwhile, Iranian state television broadcast a video of the ‘Hijab and Chastity’ ceremony. It featured 13 women wearing green hijabs and long white robes. Those women were dancing by reciting verses from the Quran. The video was heavily ridiculed on social media. The New York-based International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) said on 11 July that “there could be potential violence in the country on 12 July and a large number of people could be detained.” After which a news agency told that many people were arrested on July 11 itself.

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The hijab in public has been compulsory for Iranian women and girls over the age of 9 after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Many Iranian women have raised their voices against the regime over the years and have insisted on wearing the clothes of their mind against government orders. Pic Credit: Internet 


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