Hyderabad : 156 stones removed from man’s kidney in a city hospital

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Hyderabad : At a hospital in Hyderabad, 156 stones were removed from the kidney of a 50-year-old patient. The stones were removed through keyhole openings by doctors at Preeti Urology and Kidney Hospital, a leading renal care facility in the city.

Doctors say this is the largest ever number of kidney stones removed from a single patient in the country instead of performing major surgeries through laparoscopy and endoscopy. The patient, Basavaraj Madiwallar (a school teacher in Hubli, Karnataka) felt a sudden pain near his abdomen and screened for kidney stones. The patient also had a case of ectopic kidney, as it was present near his abdomen rather than in its normal position in the urinary tract. Doctors say that removing the stones abnormally from the kidney was definitely a daunting task.

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Dr V Chandra Mohan, Urologist and Managing Director, Preeti Urology and Kidney Hospital said, the patient must have been forming stones in the stomach for more than two years but never experienced any symptoms in the past. However, the sudden occurrence of pain forced him to undergo all the necessary tests, after which kidney stones were detected. After assessing his health condition, we decided to do laparoscopy and endoscopy to remove the stones instead of resorting to major surgery.

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With careful planning and proper preparation, the stones were completely removed after a three-hour-long process, he said. Instead of a large cut on the body, a simple keyhole opening helped to remove the stones completely. The patient is now healthy and is back to his regular routine.

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