Poster Promo of hindi film “Ganga Sang Ravidas” launched, viewers will be able to watch it in cinema halls from 3rd May

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Haridwar: (Manoj Rautela) Its news from entertainment industry….Long awaited Hindi film “Ganga Sang Ravidas” poster promo has been launched under the banner of Saras Entertainment, Satya Online Production and Maya Production. Viewers will be able to watch this film  in cinema halls from 3rd May.

Guests with Film Star Cast

On Monday, the poster promo of the film “Ganga Sang Ravidas” was launched in a grand manner in a hotel in Haridwar. Chief guest former MLA and Ravidasacharya Suresh Rathore who wrote the film script also  and others jointly lit the lamp and launched the film’s promo poster. On this occasion, along with the star cast of the film, the film’s producers and other people were also present. The film’s producers are Rajesh Malgudi,who are called the superstars of Uttarakhand films, Purushottam Sharma, and Rakesh Dhami,  The film’s director is Sabbir Syed. Young and dynamic Raj Negi has played the role of technical director in this film.

Film made on the life of Great Saint Ravidas, the film maker has tried to bring his biography for  the audience. The film has been shot 100 percent on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar. Most of the actors in the film are from Uttarakhand. Saint Ravidas was born in 1377 in Varanasi (Kashi) in Uttar Pradesh. Which is one of the oldest cities in the world. He was born in a lower caste in Varanasi. Ravidas ji was a great devotee of Ganga Maiya. Ganga Maiya also appeared before him. He also made a successful attempt to remove the evils and vices spread in the society. The shloka given by him, ‘Man chaaga to katuti me Ganga’ is still recited by people. The main actors of the film include Rajesh Malgudi, Sandeep Mohan, Purushottam Sharma, Manju Singh, Raj Negi, Mukesh Ghansala, Poonam Saklani, Naval Kishore, Manasi Magri, Purushottam Jethud, Anand Rana, Amit Sharma, Rameshwar Dayal Sharma, Akshay Kumar, Deepak Vyas etc.

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Purushottam Sharma, Film Producer

This film is being made since 2017. It took so many years to make the film. We Had to face great difficulties, sometimes during the time of Corona, sometimes dur to related permission from the department , sometimes some other problem…but did not give up…. This was said by the film’s producer Purushottam Sharma. While saying these things, he also became emotional. But success also surrendered in front of his determination and today the film is going to be released. People will be able to watch it on May 3 at Wave Cinema Haridwar, RR Cinema Roorkee and RR Cinema Saharanpur. The film show time is 11:30 am. Apart from this, the film will also be released in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and other states in coming time. The film will also come on OTT. He told, most of the artists are from Uttarakhand and some are experienced artists, some were given a chance for the first time but we have tried to give them a platform as well. Speaking on this occasion, former MLA Ravidasacharya Suresh Rathore said, he has written the film. He wants to take this film as a campaign. The young generation should know who was Sant Ravidas. He told that Sant Ravidas was the greatest saint of the world. Giving information, he told that soon a 226 episode serial named “Jai Jai Ravidas” is going to be aired on Doordarshan. It is being prepared under the banner of USR Production. Most of the speakers have praised the making of the film. Especially the young generation will get to learn from this film. Everyone said about the film maker that he chose a challenging subject, it requires a lot of courage, patience, vision and money. Speaker Anita Bharti, famous as Lady Singham, said that this film will give new energy and she will show this film to fifty children. The young generation should be given values ​​and they should also know about the saints and great men of this region.

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The producer of the film and the superstar of Uttarakhandi films, Rajesh Malgudi, who has also acted in this film, said, I have been given a negative character in this film. Giving information, he said, first of all I was associated only for acting but then the circumstances were such that I had to become a producer as well. But I am happy that a film of this kind has been made. I hope the audience will come to watch it. With advancing age, I am getting to play a negative character, which is good for me. I like to play negative characters in films anyway. Purushottam Sharma was working on the film for a long time, we have just supported him. We too bow down to his dedication and hard work. Poonam Saklani, who is a singer, has played a role in this film, she said that she liked acting. We got to know about Saint Ravi Das. The main people who were present during this time were, chief guest Ravidasacharya Suresh Rathore, Rajesh Malgudi, Sudhanshu Vats, State General Secretary Akhil Bharatiya Sanatan Parishad, Sanjay Ji Maharaj, wrestler Baba, senior actor of Uttarakhandi films Baldev Rana, film maker Ashok Chauhan Ashu Bhai, Vishal Garg, Anita Bhartiya, Rakesh Rajguru, Amit Sharma, Poonam Saklani and journalists etc.


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