Delhi: NSO group may shut down disputed Pegasus unit, two US based companies are interested to buy!

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-NSO group may shut down disputed Pegasus unit, there was uproar in many countries of the world including India regarding espionage scandal.

New Delhi: There are reports of the sale of Pegasus, an Israeli company. There was an uproar in many countries of the world including India regarding the espionage scandal. But now this spyware maker NSO is going to be sold soon. According to the information, NSO Group Limited may soon close its disputed Pegasus unit or sell the entire company. It is also discussed that talks have been held with several investment funds to sell the company.

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According to media reports, on the condition of anonymity, experts in the matter said that this conversation took place very privately. According to sources, the company has selected consultants from Moelis & Co and along with it lawyers are also being consulted. According to the information, two American companies have shown interest in buying it. They can take command of it soon and Pegasus can be stopped. While a representative of the New York-based company Moelis & Company declined to say anything in this matter, nothing has been said on behalf of NSO as well. It is also said that talks have also taken place on a 200 million investment to make Pegasus information more cyber-secure and to develop the Israeli company’s drone technology.

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Israeli company NSO was accused of spying on many celebrities of the world including India through its Pegasus spyware software. There was a lot of commotion about this. However, the company said that it has sold its technology to legal authorities and government agencies to prevent crime and terrorism. At the same time, according to sources, two US companies are considering buying it.

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