Delhi: Need for reform in UN Security Council: Antonio Guterres

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New Delhi: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday expressed hope that India’s presidency of the G20 will be effective in bringing such revolutionary changes that the world is eagerly waiting for.

Praising the ‘One Earth, One Family and One Future’ theme adopted by India, he said, ‘If we are truly a global family, this is what we should look like today.’ On global institutions, Guterres said, ‘Global The financial structure is outdated, dysfunctional and unjust. It requires deep structural reforms and the same can be said about the UN Security Council.’ He said, ‘I believe that the UN Security Council needs reform to reflect the realities of today’s world. Guterres said, ‘We have to reflect the 21st century, so I have been advocating for taking bold steps that make global institutions truly universal.’ The UN Secretary-General said, ‘The future of the world is multipolar. But our multilateral institutions reflect a bygone era.’ Asked whether it was time for India to become a member of the UNSC, Guterres said, ‘The decision on who will join the UNSC will be taken. I dont want to do.’


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