Delhi: Messing with India was costly, former Vice President of Maldives Ahmed Adeeb has also demanded talks and suggested an apology

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New Delhi :There is talk of bringing a no-confidence motion against Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu, which has increased the tension in India-Maldives relations. Even the bookings of Indian tourists have registered a decline. Maldives parliamentary minority leader Ali Azim has called for the removal of President Muizzu and urged leaders to help in mutual support. Ali Azim said that his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is committed to maintaining stability in foreign policy and will not allow any neighboring country to deviate from its foreign policy.

Perhaps even they themselves did not realize that messing with India could cost Maldives so much. Furthermore, following the decline in bookings of Indian tourists, the Tourism Association of Maldives has also criticized the statements made by its ministers against the Indian Prime Minister and people. The Tourism Association said that India is our closest neighbor and ally and appreciated the close ties with India. In history, whenever our country has faced any crisis, India has been the first to come forward to help. Along with the government, we are also grateful to the people of India for having such close ties with us. Talking about the tourism sector of Maldives, India has continuously played an important role in it. Our tourism sector has also got a lot of help in recovery after Covid-19. India plays an important role for Maldives. Former Vice President of Maldives Ahmed Adeeb has also demanded talks and suggested an apology from India. He said that the President should approach Prime Minister Modi to resolve this diplomatic crisis and accept the derogatory remarks made against Indian leaders. In this tense environment, efforts are on to resolve the relations between India and Maldives, so that the basic foundation of friendship and cooperation between the two countries remains intact.

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No-confidence motion is a parliamentary procedure used to test support for the current government. It allows members of parliament to express their lack of confidence in the government’s ability to govern effectively. If the proposal is passed, it could lead to change of government. It is an important tool in democratic systems to hold the government accountable.


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