Dehradun : Sainik Samman program organized at Chief Minister’s residence on the occasion of Vijay Diwas

Chief Minister honored a large number of ex-servicemen in the Sainik Samman program

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  • The honor and self-respect of the country is increasing with the respect of soldiers:CM
  • Making a soldier’s son the chief minister is the greatness of democracy: Chief Minister

Derhadun : Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami honored the ex-servicemen in the Sainik Samman program organized at the Chief Minister’s residence on Vijay Diwas. The Chief Minister honored every ex-serviceman who attended the program and presented him with a shawl. While wishing everyone a Happy Vijay Diwas, the Chief Minister said that the self-respect and honor of the country has increased with respect to the brave soldiers. He said that a soldier is never a former soldier, he always remains a brave soldier. He talked about continuing this tradition of honoring soldiers even further. The Chief Minister said that it is a result of the greatness of democracy and the wishes of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the leadership of the party that a soldier’s son has been given an opportunity to work as a chief servant. The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has given the soldiers their real respect and dignity by strengthening the armed forces and providing them with necessary facilities and equipment, with the facility of One Rank One Pension, as well as giving the soldiers the freedom to respond to the bullets with immediate effect. The credit has been done. Today our army goes to the enemy’s house and fights them. Due to our strong and strong army, the spirit of our country is increasing in the world.

The Chief Minister said that it is a result of the tradition of respect given to the Army by Prime Minister Shri Modi that today everyone is compelled to respect the Army. Today India is changing. The self-respect of the country is increasing. Describing himself as a soldier’s son and brother, he said that he had learned discipline in his life from the army. He will always be ready for whatever is necessary for the welfare of the soldiers. He said that a grand military dham would soon be constructed in Dehradun.

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The Chief Minister himself CDS Remembering General Bipin Rawat and bowing to him, he said that he was an advocate of the welfare of the soldiers. Self. Along with Vipin Rawat, he had scheduled programs related to the welfare of ex-servicemen at Dehradun Lans Down, Banbasa and Ranikhet. In the meeting with him on the occasion of State Foundation Day, there were talks on the programs related to the soldiers. The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision is that Uttarakhand should be among the leading states of the country while celebrating its Silver Jubilee year in 2025, for this we are striving for the overall development of the state. He said that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, after the disaster of 2013, the work of reconstruction of Kedarnath is nearing completion. The work of beautification of Badrinath is also in progress. Under the successful guidance of the Prime Minister, every work in the country is moving towards completion which was not possible earlier. Today Kashi Vishwanath Dham is displaying its divinity. The construction of Ram temple is in progress. By removing Article 370 and 35 ‘A’ from Kashmir, the country has increased the honor of the country by abolishing the practice of two legislation, two marks two constitution.

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Sainik Welfare Minister Ganesh Joshi said that Uttarakhand is the land of heroes, land of soldiers. Every fifth soldier of the country is from Uttarakhand. It is a matter of pride to be a soldier of Indian Army. Today the country is safe in the hands of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji and State Chief Minister Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami Ji. The government of Narendra Modi ji and the government of Pushkar Singh Dhami ji are dedicated to the interests of the soldiers every moment. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has fulfilled the big demand of One Rank One Pension for the soldiers. They boost their morale by celebrating their festivals among the soldiers on the border.

He said that according to the spirit of the Prime Minister, a divine and grand military Dham is being constructed in Uttarakhand. In this holy soil has been brought from the homes of the martyrs. There will be a museum, there will be a light and sound show. Temples of Shaheed Jaswant Singh and Baba Harbhajan will be built. The state government is adjusting one member of the family of the martyr soldier in the government job according to his qualification. War Memorial Boys and Girls Hostel has been built in Dehradun. Will also be made in Haldwani. The amount for being decorated with gallantry medals has been increased manifold. Our government respects the army and soldiers from the heart.

On this occasion, Cabinet Minister Swami Yatheeswaranand, S.N. General Sabharwal, Brigadier KG Bahl, Colonel Bhandari and a large number of ex-army officers and soldiers were present.


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