Dehradun: Discussion on first “Yoga Policy” of India,  more than 30 yoga experts were present and gave their views 

A meeting was organized by the AYUSH Department in the Secretariat to discuss the country's first Yoga Policy

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Dehradun: A meeting was organized by the AYUSH Department at the Secretariat on Friday to discuss the country’s first Yoga Policy. In which yoga experts and yoga related policy makers from across the country were invited. On this occasion, more than 30 yoga experts gave their views on Yoga Policy. Experts told that Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand boasts of a rich history deeply connected with the ancient method of yoga and meditation. This centuries-old state has been a center of spiritual and yogic exploration. The holy land has seen the footsteps of famous yogis, saints and spiritual leaders, making it the cradle of yogic knowledge.

The cultural significance of Yoga is unique in Uttarakhand. The serene landscape nestled in the lap of the Himalayas provides an ideal destination for those seeking peace, health and salvation. Throughout history, Uttarakhand has been a favorite destination for those on spiritual journeys. Visionary people and leaders from various walks of life have discovered the profound teachings of Yoga in this sacred land. Swami Vivekananda found solace in the tranquil surroundings of Kausani, while the revered Maharishi Mahesh Yogi provided transcendental meditation techniques in Rishikesh. The iconic Chaurasi Kutiya witnessed the transformative visit of The Beatles, and the spiritual abode of Kainchi Dham left an indelible mark on the minds of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken inspiration from the spiritual aura of Kedarnath. Deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Uttarakhand, yoga extends its influence far beyond physical postures. The practice of yoga in this divine land encompasses a holistic approach, promoting physical well-being, mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment. Tourists seeking peace, health and salvation are attracted to Uttarakhand, recognizing it as a haven for spiritual rejuvenation. The profound teachings of yoga resonate in every corner, attracting practitioners from all over the world. The glorious history of Yoga in Uttarakhand has shaped the destiny of those who sought enlightenment amidst its serene valleys.

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The meeting was informed that there are a number of Yoga Ashrams and spiritual centers in Uttarakhand, each of which is contributing to the propagation and preservation of Yoga traditions. These centers play an important role in promoting yoga as a lifestyle and attracting practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world. Uttarakhand, with its inherent yoga culture, has witnessed many initiatives and community practices promoting and upholding the essence of yoga. Various festivals and events dedicated to Yoga such as Yoga Mahotsav, International Yoga Day are organized, which bring together practitioners, experts and enthusiasts. Efforts are being made to include yoga in the education system, promoting its inclusion in the curriculum through Ayurveda programmes. The state government is actively promoting yoga through policies, events and collaboration with yoga institutions. supports and promotes. Regular camps are being organized by AYUSH HWC in the community to promote Yoga. On this occasion, Secretary AYUSH Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Additional Secretary Dr. Vijay Jogdande, former CEO of Prasar Bharati. Dr. Mayank Aggarwal, Dr. Vachaspati from Parmarth Niketan and other dignitaries were present.


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