Cracks appear again in the houses of Baldiyakhan village after repairs during railway tunnel construction, villagers in panic

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Narendra Nagar/Rishikesh: Cracks have started appearing again in the houses of Baldiyakhan village. Due to heavy blasting during Rishikesh-Karnprayag railway line tunnel construction, the houses of Baldiyakhan village developed cracks last year. The villagers, who were living in panic, had stopped the construction work by staging a massive agitation demanding a job for one of their family members in Railway Development Corporation and displacement. As a result, under the mediation of the administration, RVNL gave money to the villagers for the repair of the houses.

Two-three months after the villagers got their houses repaired, cracks have started appearing again on the houses, due to which the villagers are in panic. The villagers say that the foundations of the houses have shaken badly, these houses will be of no use when the railway service starts. Therefore, one person per family should be given employment in the village and the village should be displaced to a nearby area. The villagers say that both their demands should be resolved, otherwise the villagers will be forced to take to the streets for agitation.


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