Britain: Difficult to say-the patient died due to omicron ? but experts says death due to the new variant of Corona

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Britain : Its Difficult to say whether patient died due to omicron! As experts are saying its doubtful in Britain. The patient died due to omicron, but experts says this happened due to the new variant of Corona.

The risk of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is increasing worldwide. So far, cases of this new form of corona have been found in more than 60 countries of the world. However, the figures of deaths due to this are not clear yet. A day earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the death of the first person infected with Omicron. Since then, there has been a stir around the world about the spread of Omicron. However, scientists have attributed this fear to the British government’s misrepresentation. Experts say that PM Johnson has hidden most of the information on the death of a person infected with the new form of Corona.

What is the reasoning of scientists on death from Omicron?
Scientists have appealed to the British government to provide as much information as possible about the first death from Omicron. Like whether he had received both the vaccines of the corona vaccine, or was he part of a group with weak immunity or was it really the fatal Omicron variant behind his death.

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British PM said on Omicron’s death.
Significantly, Britain is the first country to have confirmed the death of someone infected with Omicron. British PM Boris Johnson said on a visit to a vaccination clinic – “It is true that Omicron is causing high hospitalization rates and sadly at least one Omicron infected patient has died.” After giving all this information, Johnson did not say what the age of the deceased was and whether he had any disease or not or whether Omicron was the main cause of his death or secondary.

A top doctor in Britain said that the average age of people who died of corona in Britain so far and the reports of a patient dying with Omicron, it is clear that there is nothing to be afraid of this variant. And instead of increasing the fear, the government should focus on removing it. A person may have been found infected with Omicron and may have died of a heart attack while sleeping. That’s why the talk of death from Omicron is unnecessary fear.

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Experts say that due to less information, unnecessary fear is being created among people. He said that ‘death because of Omicron’ is one thing and ‘death with Omicron’ is another. It can be understood with an example like this- “Omicron can happen to anyone. But did this variant remain the cause of death of the infected or after getting infected with Omicron he got into an accident and died.” In both cases the person was infected with Omicron, but in one case the cause of death was due to the variant, while in the other case he died with Omicron.

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