Bhopal: Administration ran a bulldozer at the in-laws of martyred CDS General Bipin Rawat, destroyed the tomb of his father-in-law, brother-in-law expressed pain on social media

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Bhopal: Yashvardhan Singh, brother-in-law of Martyred CDS General Bipin Rawat, has posted a post on his social media account, in which he has told that tombs and trees have been destroyed at his residence complex in Shahdol for the construction of National Highway. When the last farewell was being given to the brave son of India and the country’s first defense chief and the whole country was filled with the spirit of patriotism, then his in-laws in Madhya Pradesh were battling the government’s dictatorship. Bulldozers were plying on the tomb of Bipin Rawat’s father-in-law on the exact same day and that too without any prior notice. This has been disclosed by Yashvardhan Singh, brother of Madhulika Rawat (wife of Bipin Rawat) himself through a Facebook post. Expressing protest on the Facebook post, Yashvardhan Singh has written that the administration has destroyed not only the tombs but also all the trees in his residence premises without informing. Not only this, threats have also been made to file a case against Yashvardhan Singh and arrest him for interfering in administrative action. On Tuesday morning, Yashvardhan Singh shared the picture of the residence complex on his Facebook wall and said, “On the day when brother-in-law and Jiji were being cremated, taking advantage of the occasion, as per the orders of the Government of India, our personal residence in Shahdol. Tombs and trees were destroyed illegally without acquiring land from the premises. Also, the local police have also been ordered to register a case against us on any of our interventions.”

When contacted Yashvardhan Singh, he narrated the entire incident and said that on December 10, he was going to Delhi to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law Bipin Rawat and sister Madhulika Rawat. During this, he got a call from contractor Amit Dixit. Yashvardhan Singh told that the contractor Amit Dixit told him over the phone that the order for construction work has been received even on the land of his residential complex in Sohagpur, where land has not been acquired. In this regard, the local police station and TI had already been made ready to suppress every voice of protest. Yashvardhan Singh told Hum Samvat that when he objected to this arbitrary act, contractor Amit Dixit made it clear to him that the work would not stop and Sohagpur police could arrest him if he opposed the action.

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In fact, in the ongoing work for the construction of National Highway 43, the administration has ordered to expedite the work by removing every obstacle. During this, the land on the way is also being used, even if it is not formally ordered. However, according to Yashvardhan Singh, earlier his family land of about one acre has been acquired, which was in the name of his father and his wife Sapna, and he has also got compensation for it. But now work is being done on the land other than that which is registered in the name of his wife only. Without acquiring this land of about half an acre, construction work has been started there, which he had no prior information about.

Yashvardhan Singh told that the land which was acquired was the place where the samadhi of his late father (father-in-law of General Bipin Rawat) and two grandmothers were built. But they too were destroyed. In this matter Yashvardhan Singh has said that we have no qualms from becoming a partner in nation building. But this arbitrary attitude and injustice of the administration is never acceptable. The due process should have been followed in this entire matter, which was not done. Yashvardhan Singh has said that we need justice.

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General Bipin Rawat was married to Madhulika Rawat in 1985. Madhulika Rawat belonged to the Rewa royal family. General Bipin Rawat along with his wife Madhulika Rawat also died in the helicopter crash in Coonoor and then the family again came into the limelight. Madhulika Rawat’s father Mrigendra Singh was MLA from Sohagpur twice on a Congress ticket in 1967 and 1972.

State Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh took cognizance-
When the matter came to light, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra has paid attention to it. He tweeted and wrote that Yashvardhan ji’s post on social media has come to my notice. I have given instructions after talking to SP Shahdol in this matter. Without bringing the whole matter to my knowledge, the police would not take any step against him or his family. If the police has taken any kind of bias in this matter and any kind of illegal action has been taken, then I will personally look into the whole matter, strict action will be taken against whoever is guilty.

Congress said – this double character-
In this case, the Congress alleged that it exposes the dual character of the BJP government. On one hand, BJP leaders are taking pictures in the name of tribute, while on the other hand how the families of CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat are being tortured. It has come in front of everyone. BJP has given a direct response to this and said that in the cases of land acquisition, action is taken under the rules. In this case only authorized person can issue statement.

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