Bageshwar : Rain wreaks havoc in the district, ANM center demolished in Kapkot, 25 roads in the district closed

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Manoj Rautela Reports:

Bageshwar/Berinag : In Uttarakhand, the rain is breaking as a disaster on the people. In Kapkot tehsil area of ​​Bageshwar district in Kumaun region, due to heavy rains last night, life has become disturbed.

Saryu started flowing above the danger mark at 2 pm due to heavy rain. Due to heavy rains, the ANM Center, the sub-station established in Asho of Kapkot block, completely collapsed. At the same time, in Pankhu of Berinag, a businessman got washed away in the overflowing drain. Heavy rains wreaked havoc: The road in Asaun Falda in Kapkot tehsil area of ​​Bageshwar district was also washed away in the disaster. The rain has also damaged the network in the area, making it difficult to gather information. The district administration is collecting information about the damage caused in the disaster. Regional MLA Suresh Gadiya, Deputy Collector, Tehsildar etc. visited the disaster-prone areas late in the night to take stock of the situation due to heavy rains. Regional MLA Suresh Gadiya said that the Kapkot-Bageshwar motorway is closed due to debris at many places. Apart from this, dozens of other roads in the area are also being reported to be closed.

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Due to the accumulation of debris everywhere, walking is becoming difficult. He said that power lines have also been damaged at many places in the area. At the same time, there are reports of damage to residential houses of some people. He said that he is currently taking stock of the damage. After which the actual situation and damage will be known. Here, the councilor Tanuj Thiruva, who accompanied him to the inspection, said that the MLA has also suffered minor injuries due to stone pelting during the inspection. Although the injury is not serious. Also the Asho ANM Center has been completely demolished. Asho Falda road has been washed away. According to the information, more than 2 dozen roads have been closed.

Trader shed in Berinag’s Pankhu area: Ganesh Pathak (48) son of Govind Ballabh Pathak resident Dashauli got washed away with bike in crossing the rainy drain (Devigad) flowing in the road towards Kotmanya, 2 km from Pankhu on the Pankhu-Kotmanya road of Berinag . It is being told that the trader was going from Pankhu to Dashauli. On receiving the information, the police-administration team has left for the spot.

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In Kapkot tehsil area of ​​Bageshwar district, life has been affected due to heavy rains last night. Due to heavy rains, Saryu has started flowing above the danger mark at 2 pm. Due to landslides at places due to rain, 25 motorways have been closed. At the same time, seven foot bridges have also collapsed in rural areas. In the Kapkot development block of Bageshwar district, the rain has wreaked havoc on the last day. Here 212.50 mm of rain was recorded. The water level of Saryu river has been recorded as 869.00 mm due to rain. Due to the torrential rains, 25 motorways including Balighat, Dophad, Kotmanya, Kapkot Poling Garkhet, Kapkot Pindari have been blocked. Local people say that the roads have suffered more due to lack of drainage drain and pen. When the rain stopped in the morning, the government staff reached the spot and got JCB installed to open the closed roads. In the afternoon, it started raining heavily in the entire district, due to which the work of opening these roads had to be stopped.


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